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Bangkwang is Thailand's central, high-security prison for men.

The foreign inmate population of Bangkwang reflects the character of the international narcotics trade and justice systems.

Some nations, such as America, have special treaty arrangements to bring their nationals "home" to their own prison systems. A few are making slow progress toward a treaty. Still others have no arrangements whatsoever.

Some nations provide a minimal financial support. Others simply abandon their nationals to their own individual fates. With no external support, this means a dull intellectual existance, uncertain health circumstances and a minimal diet. Many inmates work long hours at a prison shop to pay for their minimal neccesaties of life ( ie : tooth brush and soap ).

You can discover your nation's policy by contacting your nation's Consulate, Embassy or Ministry of Foreign Affaris.

Please consider writing to one or more of your imprisoned countrymen.
Your letters and a small amount of money can provide hope to a grateful soul.
Better yet, why not visit someone during your next trip through Bangkok or Kathamndu?

( NOTE : There are often delays to the "contact visit" schedule. Be "flexible" with travel plans. )
KLONG PREM "contact visits" were in January.
BANGKWANG "contact visits" are possible every FRIDAY. Get permission from prisoner's embassy.

It is NOT necessary to already know someone in the prison.
Prisoners names can be easily obtained at the prison's main office building or from other web-sites.

Your nation's embassy may be willing to supply the names of your countrymen by phone, mail or e-mail. More often, you will need to visit the embassy in-person.

updated September 06, 2008